The Worm by New Juche

Nothing May Be Destroyed Or Thrown Away. The Worm is available from Infinity Land Press.

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THE WORM – Out Now

Hardbound, 260pages, 210mm x280mm

The First edition of 200 copies includes 28 Collector’s Edition sets.

Available now from Infinity Land Press

Collector’s Edition Set

Dennis Cooper welcomes the book at his blog here.

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THE DEVILS by New Juche is published by Amphetamine Sulphate, and will be shipping in October.

To order a signed copy direct from the author ($23+pp), send a message using the form below. ***SIGNED COPIES NOW SOLD OUT

To order from the publisher ($23+pp), click here.

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THE LONG CORPSE is a new and unpublished text by New Juche, intended for release not before 2021. An excerpt from the text and a series of new images have been published by The Map is Not the Territory. To visit the journal and read the excerpt click here.

Screen Shot 2562-04-14 at 14.06.55

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Published by Kiddiepunk

Available to order from 21st September 2018

For more information click here.

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New Release 

Stupid Baby by New Juche

Published February 2018 by Amphetamine Sulphate

Available to order from the publisher here, or direct from the author here.

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The Spider’s House


New Limited Release – SOLD OUT *

The Spider’s House by New Juche

Text and Images, 115 pages, Card Cover with French Flaps, Numbered etc.


I met Olivier in some faggot sauna by accident. He knew right away and asked me with a baleful smirk if I’d made a mistake. Then I started using the same swimming pool as him. No one goes there much in the day, so often it was only he and I.

* Some copies available from Where Frost Reign Distro in Norway

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Mountainhead by NEW JUCHE is now available from Nine-Banded Books. Follow the link to the publisher website for details.

Also available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, or direct from the author here.

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What did we do here, that we could not do elsewhere? GYMNASIUM is a visual idiolect that engages hyper-developed definitions of prostitution and ruin architecture, and draws from its wellhead in the myths of the Vietnam War and the reality of Indochinese mothers and children. It is appended with the short text HANOI TRIPTYCH.

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THE MOLLUSC is one of several contained aftergrowths from MOUNTAINHEAD. The text behind the photographs is a slug in its shell. God Forgive Anthropology.

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Wasteland cover

WASTELAND charts the author’s deep involvement and love affair with an abandoned apartment complex called The Flowers and its purlieus.

The Flowers, which has become such a central part of my life, is about to be destroyed.  I am pleased to preserve some essence of it in this book, along with some of the visions I received there, to which I still remain loyal.

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